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Welcome to the Cyrin-FAQ! In case you've got a question that is not answered in this FAQ, click here! Last Update: 09.07.2004

1 - What is Cyrin?
Cyrin is a free graphical multiplayer-online-roleplaying game (MORPG) being in development at the moment. The creators of Cyrin have the goal to create a real roleplaying game in its proper sense - Not another action-adventure-graphicchat-RPG-degeneracy like there's enough of available in the net ;) Furthermore, cyrin is to be playable on a wide range of platforms and systems. So it will allow windows-, linux- and mac-users to have a shared roleplaying experience in one and the same world.

I - Questions about the projekt "Cyrin"
1 -What is Cyrin?
2 -When will Cyrin be released?
3 -Who produces Cyrin?
4 -What about these "Milestones"?
5 -Can I contribute sth. to Cyrin / help the team?
 5.1 - I drawed / rendered / composed / ... something.
 5.2 - I'm good in writing tales and stories, can I do the story or quests for Cyrin?
 5.3 - I can't code or render etc., but what about help designing the Cyrin world?
 5.4 - May I be a game master?
II - Miscellaneous Questions about Cyrin / the Cyrin-Client
1 -Where can I download the Cyrin-Client?
2 -How do I get an account?
 2.1 - Can one have several characters?
 2.2 - Will one be able to play his/her characters at the same time?
 2.3 - Can one save and later restore his/her character?
 2.4 - Can one reset his/her character and start over with it?
3 -When starting the client and logging in, a chat opens... I thought Cyrin was a game?!
4 -Will Cyrin cost money?
5 -Is there a highscore?
6 -Can the map be enlarged? Is there a map editor?
III - Technical Questions about the Cyrin-Client
1 -I can't log-in!
2 -Sometimes, the game freezes for a short time. Why?
3 -I've got graphical errors!
 3.1 - The whole content of the client window "jumps" to the side. I've got Windows XP.
4 -I have problems running Winamp or other music-player and Cyrin at the same time.
5 -On what systems does Cyrin run? (Does Cyrin run on Linux?!?)
 5.1 - What will be the minimum system-specs to play Cyrin?
 5.2 - Do I have to have DirectX, the .net-Framework or sth. like that installed to play Cyrin?
IV - Questions about game content of Cyrin
1 -In what time does Cyrin play?
2 -What is the background-story of Cyrin?
3 -Which races will one be able to play in Cyrin?
4 -Which occupations will I be able to choose from?
5 -Will Cyrin be more battle- or more economy-oriented?
 5.1 - Is Cyrin a pure role-playing game or is it also an economy-sim (produce, sell, buy...)?
6 -What happens if I die?
 6.1 - How easily can the character die?
 6.2 - Will there be a safe zone like the village in Diablo?
 6.3 - How will you deal with playerkillers (PK's)?
7 -Will one be able to build / buy houses in Cyrin?
8 -Is there a main storyline?
 8.1 - Are there quests and adventures?
 8.2 - Are there rewards for completed adventures?
 8.3 - Must one quest be completed before the next one can be begun?
9 -Are there guilds or clans?
10 -Will there be magic?
11 -Will there be a map on that one can orientate himself?
12 -Is there a currency? be continued

Didn't find an answer in this FAQ...? that case, please at first check the forum on for answers to your question. If it isn't answered there, feel free to just post your question in the forum! Here, at the FAQ, only really frequently asked questions will be answered, or questions we want to have clarified from the first ;)

In case, however, you got a question of that you think it SHOULD be listed in this FAQ, please use the formular to send it to us!

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