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The Game-world

1 - Newbie-Island » top
The player starts with her/his character on an island, which is a so called "Newbie-Island". Here, unexperienced players can receive plenty assistance and help. E.g. there will be a tutorial how to speak and negotiate with Non-Player-Characters (NPCs), how the economy system works and how to buy and sell goods. On this island many characters will spend their time, who have not solved the required quests yet, necessary to get a passage on the ship - westwards, to the continent...
How large the island will be in the end has not been fixed yet. Every player may create as many characters as she/he likes, lots of different persons will have their homes on this island. The isle has to be at least that large, that as many characters can be active simultanously as there are players, without the isle seeming crowded. Most likely the isle - while game progresses - will be adjusted to the necessary circumstances.

2 - Libraries » top
On the Newbie-Isle (Starting Island) libraries will be established, where Cyrin's history is written down and continued by the Guides (Gods) permanently.
Somewhere else there are other libraries, containing other more informative texts, possibly letting players write texts and books on their own, maybe containing partly contradictory texts about Gods and magic. At the same time, the libraries reflect the views of every single race in the world. That is why every library will provide a special view at the world, besides some standard texts (small beastiaries and similar books).

3 - Villages and Towns » top
If the recent plans can be realized, it probably will be possible that characters, who earned enough money, rent living and working rooms, but also to build own houses. Proceeding on the assumption that at the beginning a village comprises all vital locations, like merchants and taverns, situation will change with time. New houses will be built, old merchants possibly move away and leave their rooms to a player character. Rents and construction prices will adapt to the demands, there will be areas downtown highly sought after... Building a house will take place by a player announcing her/his wish to the principals (the game masters), provided that she/he fullfills all requirements. If the order is accepted, the map will be updated while the construction progresses (house building takes time, too) starting with a simple construction site over a scaffold to the complete house. Fixtures will - to some extend - be left to player's decision.
Furthermore it makes sense to introduce something like locks. This should happen in combination with a warehouse system.Nobody wants to have various visitors at any time of the day. An integrated lock that can only be opened by a key or a security code or both also establishes a big deal of new options. A gang of thieves wouls be one of these. Which landlord wouldn't be grateful for a gang of thieves that opens the house after he was robbed and has been taken away his keys?

4 - Arenas » top
There should be arenas at different places where players can challenge each other just for fun (of course for pure combativeness and bloodthirstiness) without endangering their tediously and lovingly cultivated character. The character will be saved before entering the arena so, once inside he can do whatever he feels like. When he leaves the arena the old character is loaded and nothing happened to him (besides a notation of having been there in the statistics)

Certainly there shall be tournaments, too. Besides the option of having private competitions and contests of all kind, official tournaments which are proclaimed in the whole country are much more interesting for sure. Besides the option of having a competition of live and death totally different prices wave to the winner (money, armor, titles,...). Especially titles are desirable. Whether it is the "best fighter of Tamelon" or the "sword master of Drygar" there will always be a certain crowd to expect. So there will be pre-eliminations, starter fees, reporting and so on.

5 - The calculation of times » top


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