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What is Cyrin?

1 - Introduction » top
At the beginning there was the simple vision of creating a free online role playing game, but quickly this craze set in many heads. Two madmen became more than 20! Cyrin should become a RPG, that lives from being played by role players. Party games and playing together should be equally supported as solving riddles. We are still at the beginning, work on our engine and hope to bring out a first version shortly.

The Game-Play

1 - Races and Professions » top
The player decides which career his/her character chooses. This way it is no problem to learn several professions in such a long long live as a hero has. He can also try to practise several vocations at once, however he will not be as successful as a specialist.The talent system concludes not only "learning by doing" but also "forgetting by never doing". Characters who didn't practise fishing for ten years have to relearn a lot of fishing. Those who try to be a baker, a fisherman and armorer at once, a "jack-of-all-trade" can do that, but at the expense of perfection.

There will be lots of different races on Cyrin. Not all of them will be at the player's demand, in fact he/she will have the choice of a small but hopefully well-elaborated number of races. However over the time the player will also meet representatives of other (more or less known) races. Although it is easy to fall back on standard races, it severly narrows their design. Elves and dwarves for instance are strongly stamped by the genre of Fantasy. Therefore we most likely will invent our own races similar to the known ones but adjusted to the life on Cyrin.

2 - Talents and Attributes » top
Each character is going to have 10 different attributes which characterize her/him. These attributes, partly race-depending and allocated at the creation of the character represent the character's physical and spiritual abilities. Physical adjunks for example are strength, agility and constitution. Mental attributes are among others wisdom and intuition. Attributes like willpower could be assigned to both.

The talent system is not quite easy to explain. There are many talent-fields like for instance fighting strength, physical talents, craftsmanship and knowlege skills. At the beginning the player has the choice of several standard skills the character can learn. In it's further career many other talents will be developed. On one hand some talents require a minimum level of another one, on the other hand it is possible that certain quests have to be solved to discover a mysterious talent. Cyrin's talent system distinguishes between talent level and current talent value. The talent level can be rised in jumps or by other events. However the talent level only represents the maximum value of a skill that can be reached by the character. The character can start to train a talent as soon as it exceeds zero (this means the talent level was rised at least once)

3 - Timeline and Death » top
Let's talk about the far-too-long life of a hero. Cyrin will have historiography. Legends and secrets other than the background the player knows or discovers (and upgraded by us), there will be historiography and therefore a timeline. Humans have a limited lifespan. Assumed we say a month real time equals a year play time, the character will have to think about retirement after living for three years real time because his physical attributes weaken by and by... When creating the character the player will be entrusted to a just grown-up person who is ready to leave home. That would be the age of 15 to 20 years for humans. How far this is related to a personal background story or how much sense this makes is still object to consideration.
Death is not final in Cyrin. Even if magic is probably gone, the gods are still alive and present. If they think a creature hasn't fulfilled its tasks yet they might give it a second chance (and third or forth one...?). Anyway a character who died in whatever way will not only leave its whole equipment there for everyone to see, but also resurge weakened. Whether the consequence is a loss of permanent skills, is to be discussed.

4 - The Economic System » top
Realizing the economic system will be difficult. Not because it is that complicated but because it is supposed to be as self-regulating as possible.Best case szenario is that there will be no NPC-merchants left because the participating players control the whole system. There will be lots of different options to produce things. The baker needs flower, therefore he needs to buy it from a salesman at the beginning. Later he will need someone who plants the crops and a miller to mill it before the baker can use it. There is supposed to be agriculture, cattle breeding, fisheries but also iron to mine in the mountains. And when the mindorium mine is found (greetings to all the DSA-players), magic weapons and armors can be made (Uoopps - magic? It doesn't exist, does it, or probably it does?). Only we intend to regulate the urban planning for a longer time. But if it gets too crowded a marauding orc gang might provide some new building area...

5 - Background » top
Cyrin is to become a role-playing game! That means it feeds on characters interaction with each other, what language they use, how many "modern" terms are used and so on... We intend to support role-playing, of course, and provide a limited individual background for any character. The first step in this direction is the chance for every player to describe his character in detail and give other players access to the description. Unfortunately, censorship might be unevitable. Other role-playing game supporting suggestions are welcome...


1 - Fundamentals » top
When creating the character the player can choose a name and a race, there won' t be professions yet. Furthermore, he gets points to spread on the character's attributes (which are a number of 10). Each race has a given starting score on all attributes and players will have the possibility to arrange additional ones - a first step towards whatever direction a character wants to or will develop.

1.1 - Choosing a race » top
Relating to races we do not know exactly what races will come to existence. If we choose "standard" races or create new ones? Well, we will see, probably they will be added later Appearance mostly depends on our graphic artists' diligence (*greetings*), at best a wide range changing with race and sex.

1.2 - Distributing Attributes » top
Each character has 10 race-dependent basic attributes and gets additional ones to distribute. These 10 values range from 0 to 100, with basic values around 50 points. Then, players get another 50 points to arrange. Depending on race, the attributes have different costs, maybe as it is in Might & Magic VI+.

2 - Talents » top
The talent system will be more difficult. Here, too, players have the possibility to distribute talent points on different talents (weapon skills, physical talents, social abilities, knowledge...), however you are not distributing skill points, but the talents' maximum values. "Swords skill" level 1 means that the character has the possibitity to train up to a maximum of 5 talent points. This way, no player can become the nation's best fisherman by fishing for years, because she/he has to do other things to increase levels, but on the other hand no level-50 character can become fisherman master without ever having seen a fishing pole or a fisher net once in a lifetime. Don't shout "Stop!" too fast! Fishing gains you experience points, too. That is not the point, but it simply is a big deal less than fighting and less than solving quests...

2.1 - Gaining Talents » top
Players will see a list with all talents, learnable for the character at the moment (there will be much more talents later, but players won't know which... ), divided into different categories. Now, e.g., players have 5 points each to distribute and another 10 points to spend on any one he wishes to. This way every caharcter owns a basic repertoire of talents combined with the chance to specialize. Talent costs: To get from level 0 to level 1 you need to add 1 talent point, from level 1 to 2 you need to and 2 and so on... It is relatively favourable having lots of talents at level 1, but specializing gets really expensive after a while... And higher talent values are the key to new talents

2.2 - Skills » top
At the beginning there will be a list of 10 to 20 standard skills. Self-explaining skills that somehow everybody can learn. At which point of time new skills get available depends on different - even combined - factors like: Minimum talent in a basic skill, minimum level, solved quests, aquired knowledge by roleplaying (e.g. talking to the fitting NPCs). For example, to "Forge Magical Weapons" you need both, a high talent value at "Forge Weapons" and a high one at "Matter" (or how this magical branch will be called), surely a level requirement and of course the knowledge that forging these weapons is possible at all, that maybe have been told you by a hermit in the mountains, after fullfilling a quest for him...

Talents have to be learned, they cannot be bought in the true sense of the word. Characers must gain levels before they can distribute further talent points. But it may be possible, too, that you have to be trained for talents by a master who must be paid for it. This is the difference between maximum and actual value.

3 - Equipment » top
We intend to give characters (very limited) starting equipment. A club as weapon and a cloak as armor or something similar (as in "Tibia").
Well, first of all a club won't hurt a baker too much, somehow she/he has to protect her/his family and make sure to find the bread left over at night in the same place the next morning... , and about money there is a general problem: Never give a character any starting money, if players can create as many as they want to and might collect the money... That's why we prefer an almost worthless standard starting equipment, just enough to survive.


1 - Playerkiller » top
Cyrin is a role playing game, so naturally there are going to be so-called playerkillers. That's ok. Only it's important to make sure that the player-killing doesn't rule, so there is a possibility to adjust and regiment. One option would be the so-called "angel of vengeance". It is possible that after a fight between two characters and the following death for one of these, an angel of vengeance araises from the dead body which will follow the killer and tries to kill him. The probability that such an angel appears will depend on how innocent the victim had been. Aditionally the fight's manner should figure(was it a raid? Did the victim try to escape? Did the victim have a chance to win the combat?).But even these angels of revenge who will be strong won't be invincible. The jaunty character is being warned. Only because he can stand a fight against an angel of vengeance does not mean that he can anagonise a furious one... It is also said that there are other beings fazinised by a thoroughly bad character.

Playerkillers die just like other characters do. The consideration is to penalize and challenge a playerkiller by the fact that he has to put up with higher loosings after beeing killed. This balances that he dies more often than the victims he tracked down.


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