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Tovares, 28th Lagun, in the 316th Annual M.T., 13rd glass




1 - Milestone I   - Finished » top
A player can log in at the server.
There is a plane world (ground only).
You can talk to other players and walk around, thus a graphic chat.
A world editor and several tools are created.

2 - Milestone II  - In Progress » top
Simple objects are added like walls, trees, wells etc.
Useless NPCs.
You can pick up objects (items)

3 - Milestone III - Planned » top
Simple NPC's who react on speech and accordingly answer.
Construction of a scripting language.
A simple fight system is implemented.

4 - Further Milestones » top
Planning begins when Milestone II is finished.


1 - Planned features » top
  • Music, changing with the environment
  • Sounds, supporting different actions (walking, opening doors, fighting...)
  • Day/ night, light, different weather conditions like rain, snow
  • An expandable and updating map while in service (Where has the village gone? Where did the ruins come from?? Why are there so many orcs??)
  • One (or some) upperworld, diverse dungeons, caves, secret channels, hidden stashes and???
  • At the beginning there is no magic, magic has died and has been forgotten
  • Thieves, merchants, and other monsters
  • Skills: weapon skills, swimming, riding, healing, sneaking, reapearing etc
  • A huge background story for the different races
  • One main quest and many subplots and missions, whereas you don't have to solve a quest to have fun.
  • Partyfunktions, informations that are important for the game, who permit a forthcoming in the quests
  • Professions or guilds like: merchants, bakers, blacksmiths, healers
  • guilds, guild-names, guild-leaders.
  • Gods... certainly there will be gods, the gods see all and forget nothing.
  • different races, e.g. humans
  • No classes, whether fighter, thief or merchant, the assets equally rise by usage and level. So who is baking a lot will become a great baker, who is fighting a lot will be a good in fighting but not as good in baking.


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