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Pelodes, 29th Lagun, in the 312nd Annual M.T., 6th glass


A long time ago there were many worlds, whose inhabitants knew nothing of each other. Until one day the sky darkened on all these worlds and the sun eclipsed. Five days the worlds were in total darkness, then the sky brightened for few seconds in various colours. All one could see were these colours and what was known before vanished. In fact, this wondrous game of colours only lasted few seconds, however, for observers it seemed like eternity. When the world finally returned to its regular shape, they found it totally different from its former state. Only few things remained familiar. Everyone felt a strange emptiness being radiated by this new world. And many felt huge dangers concealed by this new world...

Somehow all inhabitants where locked in a specific land, some found themselves on islands, others were caged by mountains...However, everybody felt the power coming from this world. Many inhabitants of the new world did not survive the rearrangement, because they sticked to their old world too closely and could not accept this new one. These creatures went on to search for a gate leading out of this world. Probably they are still searching, maybe some have found an escape, but no one knows exactly...

All the others tried to adapt to this world, they built towns, learned hunting and fishing...
Until, one day they left their homes...


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